These residential and commercial products are customized to the application. For instance, a simple stairway chairlift, can be installed within four hours and a customized elevator can be designed, ordered and installed in 6 to 10 weeks.
All elevators and lifts are designed, manufactured and installed to meet the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Barrier Free codes and ASME/ANSI A17.1 codes.

image Residential Elevators
A home elevator is the up-and-coming convenience. As people age they risk losing their mobility.
Homeowners who want to future-proof their homes are installing an elevator for their convenience now, and the necessity, later. They are planning ahead for accidents or aging or the day they sell their homes.
Elevators can be customized to require little space and fit into the décor of a home. Elevators also serve as dumbwaiters for moving laundry, groceries, suitcases and furniture.
The typical two stop elevator (or up to six stops) comes with a power operated gate, stained wood paneling, stainless steel fixtures, oversized cab, recessed lights and phone box. It is equipped with safety devices such as a telephone in the cab, battery back-up, door and gate interlocks, slack cable device to engage the rails, and terminal stopping device.
These residential elevators installed in a hoist way can be customized to fit the requirements of the site. We know the different features offered by our manufacturers in order to design the best fit elevator.
We also offer Free Standing Residential Elevators and Vacuum Residential Elevators. Contact us for more information.

image Commercial Elevators • LU/LA Elevator
Construction and major renovations of most commercial and public buildings require that all floors be accessible to the handicapped. The Limited Use/Limited Application (LU/LA) low rise elevator is the solution for two or three story commercial buildings that do not need a large commercial elevator.
LU/LA makes up to six stops, has 1400 lbs. capacity, bi-parting automatic doors, an 18 sq. foot platform, single phase power and needs only a 14” deep pit. LU/LA meets all necessary ADA code requirements.
image Wheelchair Lifts • Vertical Wheelchair Lift
This lift is available from simple porch lifts for residences to custom plexiglass towers for offices. It is quiet, smooth riding and space efficient. The Vertical Wheelchair Lift can be installed for a modest construction cost.
image Dumbwaiters
Let a dumbwaiter lug groceries, suitcases and packages from two to five levels. It holds 50 to 500 lbs.
     The cab can be made of stainless, welded steel or wood. A dumbwaiter has call-send stations, bi-parting gates and operates automatically. The exterior doors have interlocks for safety and cab dimensions are flexible to fit hoist way requirements.
Residential – 50, 100, 200 lb. capacity. Ideal for upside/down homes.
Commercial – 200, 300, 500 lb capacity. Ideal for restaurants, libraries, office buildings, hospitals
image Stairway Chairlift
Stairway chairlifts are the least expensive equipment that enable people to avoid using the stairs. We stock both new and "slightly" used lifts. Our stairlifts are battery powered, have a minimum capacity of 300 lbs., have comfortable seats that swivel, can be operated with remotes, have seat belts and fold up when not in use.
      Our stairlifts can used for residential and commercial facilities and are installed indoors and outdoors. The rail brackets screw into every other step, so a stairlift takes about four hours to install and can easily be removed and relocated. Power required is 110 volt household current.
     Our chairlifts operate via constant pressure, are safe, code compliant and easy to use. Call us today and you will have a functioning stailift in your home with a few days.