Residential Elevator Options

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Manufacturer Savaria Federal Cambridge Cambridge Cambridge
Model Telecab Renaissance Elmira Heritage Cambrian
Capacity 500 LB 750 LB 950 LB 1500 LB 1500 LB
Stops 2 up to 3 up to 5 up to 5 up to 5
Cab Size 30 x 46 36 x48 up to 15 sq.ft. up to 15 sq.ft. up to 15 sq.ft.
Cab Height 78" 84" up to 96" up to 96" up to 96"
Gate Operation Swing/Manual   Accordion/Manual   Accordion/Power   Power Sliding   Power Sliding  
Cab Material Painted Steel Maple Veneer Wood Veneer Wood Veneer Wood Veneer
Cab Fixtures Stainless Stainless Stainless/Brass Stainless/Brass Stainless/Brass
Cab Lighting One Halogen 2 Recessed 6 LED 6 LED 6 LED
Hallway Doors None Swing Swing Swing Power Sliding
Operation Constant Pressure Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic
Cost Estimate Low 20's Low to mid 20's Mid to hi 20's Low to mid 30's Hi 30's to low 40's

Note: All options, except Telecab, are roped hydralic powered with soft stop/start operation.
Each Option has a 6 month labor and a 3 year parts warranty.